Acquaint Attendess With Exhibitors At Trade Shows

Allow exhibitors and event attendees to interact effortlessly. Easily inform everyone at the event about the booth locations, exhibitors attending, schedule of events, and more!

Self-Serve Platforms
Tradeshow was created to help organizers, exhibitors, and attendees connect at events like never before.
Check out these key features:
Register icon
All users to register and pay for the fees directly through the app.
Map icon
Get a map of the venue to find out which booth has which vendor.
Schedule icon
Get the latest schedule of the events happening at the tradeshow.
Tradeshow app phone
Chat Rooms
Chat with other users at the event in real time.
Chat icon
Message other users directly or start a group chat.
Inbox icon
Read the latest posts from other users at the tradeshow.
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