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Self-Serve Platforms

Self serve platform
What is Self-Serve Platform?
Mingle is a GROUPS TECHNOLOGY platform allowing anyone to create and operate their own mobile app. With our Apps-as-a-service technology platform and “Self-Serve“ interface, anyone can create native mobile apps for social, dating, business, hobbies and interests. The Mingle platform allows for deep customization, shared content/populations, and revenue sharing.

Our Products

Dating App
Create your own dating app unlike any other platform available on the market! With a tested model and features such as video profiles, chat rooms, and tag systems for profiles, your own dating app will amaze your friends and users of the app.
Community App
Create an app for any hobby or interest of your desire. Using a combination of all of the features we have created for our platform, your community app will be unlike any other app on the market. Bring your community together like never before with our many features and create an environment that brings out the passion of the users.
Conference App
Ever thought that a conference event was missing an interactive? By creating your own app for your conference, it is now easier to network and discuss any events and topics discussed at the conference. We integrated tools and features that conference organizers have been begging to improve their conference and the power is now in your hands.
Tradeshow App
Allow exhibitors and event attendees to interact like never before! By creating an app for your tradeshow, everyone at the event be able to be fully informed about the event including booth locations, exhibitors attending, profile pages for exhibitors, and chat rooms and other social features to make the app a must-have for all participants.
Photobooth App
Show your stuff with our newest addition to our line-up.. Photobooth! The app is designed for users to showcase all of their photos and videos to users in the community. Built on top of our social platform, interact and share all of your great moments to friend and family in your own private app or to the public.
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Who Is Mingle?
The Mingle Network is a global team creating THE mobile community platform for the world’s social needs. Our innovations create ways for people to connect. The Mingle Network highlights:

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